The Ungrip Smartphone Grip System Saves Your Device


Congratulations on your glossy brand-new smartphone. It features unbelievable graphics, gorgeous audio, and every app you can envision right within your reaches. All this features a strikingly big touchscreen. We dislike to break your bubble, however you most likely cannot reach every corner of the screen with a single hand. And, they most likely didn’t inform you that the smooth outside is incredibly slippery. Go intoUngrip This innovative smartphone grip system:
– offers you increased mastery
– installs on any device
– is completely inexpensive

TheUncomplicated Smartphone Grip System

Mobile phones are just getting sleeker with every brand-new release. Ungrip includes a resilient material loop that abides by the back of your device. With this loop, you can move your finger through for improved ease of access. With Ungrip, you can text with a single hand without concern of dropping your smartphone. In addition, Ungrip offers you take advantage of to reach the outermost corner of your device as it stays protected in your hand. Ungrip is simple and easy to utilize whether you’re snapping selfies or live Tweeting.

Smartphone Grip System

Usage It on Any Device

Ungripis best for everybody as it deals with essentially any device. It highly adheres utilizing the 3M VHB tape on the back. The base of Ungrip is simply 1.18inches long. In addition, it has a depth of just.24inches. These measurements appropriate even on the tiniest of gadgets, consisting of Nokia. And, since the loop itself is material, Ungrip is unnoticeable when it’s not in usage. Most importantly, it is available in loads of enjoyable colors and patterns to match any and every design.

Smartphone Grip System

Strength and Cost

Together with the smooth style and personalization, the Ungrip is an essential for any device. And, with such a sensible cost, you can have one for all your gadgets. The Colors Collection has your option of white or black bases with 7 color accent choices. The Patterns Collection has a good time prints such as chevron, waves, as well as sushi. The Specials Collection has actually included bonus like chrome completing and more patterns.

Smartphone Grip System

What We ❤

We enjoy that Ungrip simply works. It’s basic yet efficient and completely a should as our gadgets grow.

Future Styles

It ‘d be terrific to see some flexibility in material and base product choices. Can you envision a smooth leather loop?

TheUngrip includes additional grip to your device with a material loop!

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– Purchase it now: site
– Colors Collection: $12
– Patterns Collection: $16
– Specials Collection: $20